Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Check Vheicle OwnerShip In Punjaab Pakistan



* Automated Registration Process
* Successfully implemented in 33 Districts of the Punjab.
* 1.75 m of vehicles got registered under MVR-MTMIS Project.
* Centralized Database of 3.4 m vehicles to be scaled up to 6.7 m.
* Centralized Facility for the production of Number Plates.
* Web based Tax Calculator for New Registration & for Post Registration Transactions.
* State of the art Facility in DHA Office Lahore has been launched.
* Online connectivity with Customs Authorities for the verification of imported vehicles.
* Best e-government application of Pakistan for 2007.
* Production of Number Plates with minimal wastage (0.08%).
* Tangible enhancement in annual revenue and in collection of other taxes.
* Inventory Management for blank retro-reflective registration plates along with the details of which retro-reflective registration plate was issued against which registration number.

* Windows based Software has been deployed in 33 districts of the Punjab with the real time provision of insert, delete and update.

* Perform user authentication and authorization.

* Provide real time tracking of the status of requests received from the various districts of the Punjab regarding the printing of vehicle registration document and customization of retro-reflective registration plates. The status would also include the delivery status of the finished product with the date and time of departure as well as expected time of delivery etc.
* Courier Services for delivery of documents at the door steps of the owners of the vehicles.

* Generate reports as per the requirements.
* Fast Communication & Information Sharing between all the district offices of the Punjab.

* Provide Verification report of an ‘Individual (person)’ and a ‘Vehicle’ for issues relating to being involved in a crime (vehicle theft etc.) and for providing up to date information of dues (such as taxes and fines etc.) which are outstanding against a vehicle.
* To check whether the fitness certificate or route permit of any particular vehicle is valid or not.
* Any departmental office (such as the DLA or Excise & Taxation Office of a district) can connect with the MTMIS to view the current status of a vehicle or an individual prior to the issuance of a Vehicle Registration, Route Permits or Driving Licenses.

* Replicate databases of the stakeholder departments in the CFMTMIS.
* Data Replication from operative districts
* Centralized databases of Motor Vehicle Registrations.

* Act as a hub of information for exchange of information between stake holder departments.
* The Contractor would be required to identify (in collaboration with the concerned department) data which is to be marked as public for information exchange between stake holder departments. The public data has to be communicated to the MTMIS for information exchange between departments. Additionally the MTMIS is also to be used for information exchange between district offices of the department. Each local database is replicating in MTMIS where the Provincial Level Officers (residing in the Departmental HQ) will have view privileges for relevant data of their department (e.g. Officers of DG Excise & Taxation Office would be able to view the Excise & Taxation Data residing in MTMIS collected from all districts of Punjab).


  1. I want to check registration detail and ownership of the vehicle LEA 5951

  2. They have not updated their database or not entered your vehicle number in their record. Please contact your nearly help center.


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