Friday, May 25, 2012

How to see your sent pending friend requests on facebook 2012

First Method: (Tested in 2012)

Hys Everyone

After googling a few mints i got the way to find the friends pending request that you sent to others on facebook May 2012. This way work for me 100% correctly. All you have to do is install some scripts on your browser and it will show you a tab of pending requests near you Logout section (Top Right Corner). Here are the steps...

For Chrome Users:

1.  Go to and click Download & Install.
2. Accept warnings to download.
3. Restart Chrome and That's it. (may be you need to login again on facebook)

For Firefox Users:

1.  Go to and install Grease Monkey script.
2.  Go to and click Download & Install.
3. Accept warnings to download.
4. Restart Firefox and That's it. (may be you need to login again on facebook)

Note:  will automatically detect your browser and show you the script accordingly so no worries.

if this solution do not work for you then try multiple quires on Google like:

How do you check your pending sent friend requests on Facebook 2012

How to find Unanswered/Pending/Decline Friend Requests Unfriended 2012

How to See the List of All Pending Friend Requests in Facebook 2012

How to view pending friend requests in facebook 2012

etc etc

Second Method: (Tested in 2013)

There is an Application that will perform this function. It's called, predictably,Pending Friend Requests.

Application Link:

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